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Heated Jackets

Elevate your winter clothes selection with Gobi Heat® heated jackets. Our heated jackets are designed with quality, lightweight wind/ water resistant materials and 3 to 5 zones of conductive threading heat, our heated jackets are a home run for those who demand the best out of their winter apparel.

We’ve taken the classic winter parka to a whole new level. Men and women can now enjoy the warmth, style and comfort of the women’s Victoria puffer and Men’s Nomad heated jacket. Both options offer a classically sleek style men and women can enjoy with (or without) up to 140°F of instant heat. We promise you’ve never had a heated jacket coat this toasty.

There’s something for everyone at Gobi Heat®. We proudly design heated jackets for all needs, including snowboarding and skiing, hunting, and everyday adventure. The highly versatile Sahara heated jacket, built with a soft-shell wind, water and abrasion resistant materials, is the perfect lightweight layer for everyday adventure.

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Heated Vests

Gone are the days you need to rely on bulky layers to keep you warm. Gobi Heat® Dune heated vests are the versatile layer men and women  need for any cold or variable weather adventure.

No matter if you pack it in your bag or wear it out the door, adventure confidently knowing your heated vest will warm up at the drop of a dime when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Heated vests make the perfect companion for early morning golf games, late nights around the campfire, and everything in between.

You’ll love the 3 zones of heating power to your front and back, a small and unobtrusive battery, and heat instantly delivered at the touch of a button.

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Whether you’re simply running errands or training for a marathon, Gobi Heat® has what you need to get out there and make the best of your cold weather adventures.

From base layers, hats, hoodies, gloves and socks, just plug in, power up and go with the confidence knowing you’ve got instant heat on your side. Adventure confidently with extra battery packs and car chargers to keep you warm and toasty on the go. All of Gobi Heat® heated apparel is backed by a 1 year warranty in case anything goes wrong. With Gobi Heat®, your cold weather adventures are just warming up. 

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Heated Clothing: The Most Versatile Winter Options Available

The Mission

The mission at Gobi Heat® is simple: provide warmth and comfort through heated clothing for all needs. Our heated clothing is designed to keep you warm, dry and comfortable even if you don’t need the instant heating power all the time. Taking inspiration from the Gobi Desert where temperatures drop to -27°F, we set out to design the most versatile heated clothing options adventurists everywhere can benefit from. Today, Gobi Heat® provides outdoor enthusiasts from all climates the instant heat they need at the touch of a button when variable conditions take over. Enjoy all winter has to offer with the warmest and most versatile machine washable winter clothes on the market.

Travel Light

Heated clothing is the best option if you want to pack light while packing smart. Any of our heated clothing act as the 2-in-1 option you need in variable conditions. Take the chill out of your bones while hunting, ice fishing, or during those early morning hikes with lightweight, packable apparel items you can turn up the heat the minute a chill sets in.

Enhance your winter clothes wardrobe with industry leading heated jackets, vests, baselayers, gloves, hats and more. Whether you’re 25 or 75, improve your winter wardrobe with the power of instant heat, ideal for walking around campus or cheering on your alma mater on a cold autumn night.

Stay Healthy

Anyone who lives in cold weather regions knows the cold can put a damper on fun; but for some, the cold can be debilitating. When we began our journey to deliver quality heated apparel, we had no idea how many people needed us. Not just the healthy outdoor adventurer, but the nature lover who suffers from arthritis, Raynaud’s and autoimmune diseases. Through our heated clothing we’ve successfully provided our customers who suffer from health conditions aggravated by cold weather the support they need to enjoy life, despite the temperature. Athletes, too, benefit from our heated clothing. By keeping their muscles warm and minimizing the chance of injury, heated clothing is the versatile option every athlete needs in their arsenal of winter training apparel.

What makes Gobi Heat special?

Conductive Thread Heat Elements

The Low, Medium, and High settings on our heated jackets, hoodies and gloves allow you to adapt to the environment and stay heated throughout your day.

Layers of Quality

Even without the heating elements, our heated jackets are superior quality and we partner with top of the line material manufacturers.

Full Day Adventure

7.4v battery gives you up to 10 hours of heat. Then just recharge the battery in 3-4 hours and you are ready to go. Grab an additional battery for longer excursions.

Get Rid of The Bulk

Not only is the charger small and compact but the battery is as well. It’s sleek and fits comfortably in the jacket, making it less bulky than our competitors.

Wind and water resistant

Most of our heated clothing products are wind and water resistant, allowing you to fight the harsh elements.

Guaranteed quality

We back up all of our heated clothing products with a one year warranty. If our products are defective in any way, we’ve got your back.

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