How to Prepare for the Perfect Halloween

November 02, 2021 4 min read

How to Prepare for the Perfect Halloween

Prepping for the scariest holiday of the year doesn’t mean it has to be a fright! From candy to costumes to essential items, follow this guide for a spookily perfect Halloween!

Snacks and Candy

Everyone loves sweets! As the staple of Halloween, make sure your house has candy galore. Another fun way to celebrate the holiday is to make special treats for you and your family. Caramel apples, roasted pumpkin seeds, and “witch finger” pretzels can turn your spooky season into an even more exciting family event! These snacks are easy to make, kid-friendly, and sure to get a smile out of the whole family. 

However, this year may get a bit tricky candy-wise. With the transportation of goods being slowed all around the country, Halloween candy may be one good that’s hard to get your hands on. Make sure to head over to the store early and stock up for the big night!! 

On the East Coast, the tradition of sitting out on the front porch or driveway to hand out candy is special and important. Don’t let the cold set you back!Our Terrain Heated Camping Chair is here to keep you warm while sitting out in the chilly October weather. With unpredictable weather in the U.S., don’t wait to get too cold before getting gear that is guaranteed to keep you warm!

Another amazing Halloween tradition in many parts of the U.S. is raising money for UNICEF. The volunteering hours can be long and chilly, so make you have some great gear to keep you cozy while supporting a good cause. Wearing good, practical shoes can also make the volunteering hours much more comfortable. 

Looking for more warmth when celebrating Halloween traditions? Heated accessories likegloves, socks, and beanies can make the difference between a good night and a great one. 


The most important part of Halloween is the costumes! We all know how chilly it can get trick-or-treating. Being too cold on a night out can ruin all of the fun! Making sure you are looking fabulous and staying warm throughout the night can be a real challenge, especially when being out with the kiddos. Not with Gobi Heat at your side! With our industry-leading battery-powered heated clothing, you and the family are guaranteed to be toasty all night long. 

Wondering how to incorporate heated clothing into your costume? No problem!

Ourheated base layers provide warmth while remaining sleek, meaning they can be worn under costumes! Another great tip is to wear them with a festive onesie over top, doubling your warmth and keeping you in the Halloween spirit.

Need more warmth? OurStealth Heated Glove Liners give your hands full-fingertip warmth, great for handing out candy or yelling out the best, “trick-or-treat!” 

For parents, chaperoning children on Halloween can get cold, fast. Unpredictable fall weather can turn a night of fun into a short-lived chilly afternoon. Heated socks and beanies are great options to add to your outfit in order to maintain your heat all night long. Vests, base layers, and glove liners are also excellent ways to wear your heated clothing in layers. 

Parties and Events

Halloween parties can be some of the most fun events of the year! Drinks, snacks, music, and more make up the perfect party. However, some of them can get a bit crowded. Especially due to COVID-19, getting some space from other guests can be necessary. Costumes, people, decorations, and more can lead to you wanting to step outside for a while. But what if it’s chilly? Keeping a jacket or other clothing close by to make sure you retain your body heat in the late October weather is not only good for your health but good for your mood as well!

Similar to parties, outside events on or around Halloween can get bitterly cold; after all, itis the start of fall! Activities like haunted houses and corn mazes are a fun way to spend the night, but not if you’re too cold! Wearing comfortable and warm clothing to these events can help you focus on the festivities. Planning on going on a hayride this fall? Bring along someheated gloves to keep your hands toasty throughout the whole trip without the bulk or awkwardness of generic hand warmer packets. Along with your clothing, making sure your shoes are sturdy, warm, and comfortable can help make the night more enjoyable (and help you run away in haunted houses easier!).

Your Complete Halloween Checklist

Before heading out for a fun night of scares, treats, and more make sure you have everything you need for it to be a success! 


  • Your costume (of course!)
  • A bag or bucket for candy
  • Warm base layers for underneath your costume or outfit
  • Water
  • Comfortable shoes
  • A flashlight
  • A camera
  • A quality jacket (we recommend heated ones!)
  • Cell phone fully charged
  • Travel-sized first aid kit
  • House keys/codes/etc.
  • Any IDs and/or forms of payment
  • Gloves, hats, and warm socks

With fall temperatures around the United States fluctuating so frequently, it’s important to remember the items you should think about bringing for your Halloween afternoon and night. While it is fun to look exciting and have your costume be the star of the show, if you’re cold and uncomfortable the entire time, your night could get ruined! Beat the cold and don’t let your night go south by bringing along items like jackets, hats, gloves, and/or socks. 

Keeping holidays and traditions fun and memorable is one of the best things we can do! Prepare now with candy, costumes, and clothing, and have an amazing Halloween. Getting a heated camping chair, heated socks, or other articles of heated clothing can elevate your night from good to amazing (while looking great doing it!). For all things chilly, Gobi Heat is here to help you find your perfect battery-powered match to keep you cozy for Halloween and all throughout fall and winter.