Is Heated Clothing Safe?

September 17, 2020 2 min read

Safe Heated Apparel by Gobi Heat

If you’ve ever wondered “is heated clothing safe?” you’re not alone. In a world of ever-evolving technological advancements, it’s easy to wonder whether or not some of the products and luxury items we enjoy are safe to use. Today, leaders in the heated apparel industry, Gobi Heat® answer the question “is heated clothing safe?” with a confident “yes.” Here’s why.

How Is Heated Clothing Safe?

While the concept of heated clothing has been around for more than 100 years, the modern day heated apparel designs have been, by and far, the most fruitful for the heated clothing industry. With several technological advancements, extensive safety measures and more reliable heating elements, heatedcold weather gear can be worn without worry when worn responsibly.

It’s important to recognize that just like any industry, not every heated apparel company within the industry operates the same or uses the same heating technologies. This is where Gobi Heat® shines as a leader in the heated apparel industry.

Why We Use Conductive Thread Heating Elements

Through trial, error and careful consideration, we proudly power our heated apparel with conductive thread heating elements. Conductive threading is not only more efficient, but a safer alternative to carbon fiber heating elements used by other companies within the industry. In fact, out of the leading heated apparel brands, Gobi Heat® is the only company to use it!

Rather than using electric wires, conductive threading is a flexible e-textile that works with the wearer, making it a more comfortable option than the feel of wiring throughout your apparel. Conductive thread heating is an extremely lightweight yet durable heating option for wearable technology, offering high resistance, strength and flexibility. What makes conductive thread safer than other heating options is the ability to handle high temperatures. Since Gobi Heat® apparel like ourheated winter jackets reach temperatures as high as 140° F, this is an important element to ensure our loyal customers receive the safest heated clothing on the market. We match this versatile threading technology with an appropriate 7.4V battery that provides the right amount of power to the heated apparel without overheating.

Safety Precautions

No matter what we do in life, safety is a number one priority, and here at Gobi Heat®, we feel the same way about theheated clothing we design and manufacture. That’s why, aside from designing our heated clothes with the safest materials possible, we include a in-depth user manual for purchase and for download online, for each heated apparel item we sell, ensuring our customers know the ins and outs of how to properly wear, and care, for their favorite cold weather gear. As if that wasn’t enough, Gobi Heat® offers a one year warranty on all heated clothing items, giving our customers peace of mind that their purchase is covered. 

Now that you’ve crossed off your question of “is heated clothing safe?” you’re ready for the next important question: “whatcold weather must-haves should I have on standby? For all of your cold weather gear needs, look no further than Gobi Heat®