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Why Men’s Journal Says Gobi Heat® Is Becoming a Leader in Heated Apparel

May 07, 2020

Why Men’s Journal Says Gobi Heat® Is Becoming a Leader in Heated Apparel

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Men’s Journal, a magazine for “active, accomplished men who live an adventurous and discerning lifestyle,” says founder Jann Wenner. 

The magazine, first published in 1992, aims to feature only the best products and services and remains an influential guide to men’s health and fitness, gear, adventure, and style. So when Men’s Journal did a review on Gobi Heat® during the dangerously cold polar vortex and concluded that we’re “quickly becoming a leader in the heated apparel industry,” it confirmed our belief that we are creating quality apparel worthy of praise.

Gobi Heat Best Mens Heated Jacket - Nomad Black

The Men’s Journal Review Of Gobi Heated Apparel

After reviewing the Gobi Heat® Nomad 5 Zone Men’s Heated Jacket, Men’s Journal concluded:

“Gobi Heat® is a Utah-based heated apparel company with products that include heated jackets, hoodies, pants, gloves, and socks. With 18 different heated apparel products, Gobi is quickly becoming a leader in the heated apparel industry.”


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Here’s what Men’s Journal found in our men’s heated jacket that really won them over:

Advanced Heating & Fabric Technology

The Nomad men’s heated jacket is a packable puffer made of wind and water-resistant lightweight nylon material and cruelty-free filling. Carbon-fiber heating elements deliver up to nine hours and between 113-140° F of instant heat in five zones: one on each upper breast, one on each side of the belly, and one large zone in the back. Men’s Journal goes on to say:

“The two outer zip pockets are ideally placed over the lower heating elements, so your hands get some love, too. This time of year, that’s a godsend.”

Plus, all of Gobi Heat’s heated clothing is machine washable, so you never have to worry about dry cleaning bills.

This jacket comes with a rechargeable, 7.4 volts, 6500 mAh lithium-polymer battery, and charger so that you’re always ready to take on the day no matter what the weather has in store. 

One-Touch Heat Control

Turn up the temperature in a heated jacket designed with an easy to use LED indicator located on the front of your jacket. Enjoy personalized heat on low, medium, or high for full control over your body temperature. Charge up your ultra-slim lithium-polymer battery, slide it into the inner pocket, head outside and do more of what you love with the promise of up to nine hours of heat “without the additional bulk of other heated apparel batteries we’ve seen.” 

Extend the hours of warmth with heated accessories like extra batteries and chargers to keep you going on those days where you just want to get out and adventure. 

No Need For Extra Layers

Gone are the days you need to layer up to go out and enjoy your life. When you’re in a Gobi Heat® heated jacket, you’ll have all the warmth you need without the bulk you don’t. Of course, for those days where the cold just won’t quit, Gobi Heat® has the heated apparel you’ll love, like base layers, socks, gloves and hats.

Through the use of advanced heating technology and a diverse array of lightweight, unobtrusive designs, Gobi Heat® continues to lead the industry in what heated apparel should be. Whether you’re looking for heated apparel for hunting, hiking, working, winter sports or simply running errands, Gobi Heat® has the heated apparel you need to get out there and get it done. And since Gobi Heat® was founded by a woman, we’re proud to offer women’s heated jackets with just as impressive a reputation as the men’s.

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