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30 Day Return

1 Year  Warranty

1 Year Warranty

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Free Exchange

Crest Womens Heated Beanie


Heat Settings:

Battery Life:

113° F

131° F

140° F




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30 Day Return

30 Day Return

1 Year  Warranty

1 Year Warranty

Free Exchange

Free Exchange

INCLUDES Battery + Charger

Crest Womens Heated Beanie


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Crest Womens Heated Beanie

Is there really enough heat to keep me warm?

If you’ve never worn heated clothing before, it can be hard to imagine how it actually feels.

So instead of just telling you the temperature, we asked our customers to describe that Gobi Heat feeling.

“Warm, comfortable and cozy in all the right places!”

“Like I’m wearing a heated blanket”

“A warm cuddle within a coat”

“Keeps me warm without making me too hot, even when I'm on walks”

Product Description

Our polyester & spandex womens knit beanie can power your warmth for up to 7.5 hours! Activate the over ear dual steel fiber tech heating areas, across 3 temperature settings, with our one touch led controller. This durable heated womens beanie with 100% acrylic fiber interior is machine washable as well! Don’t let the winter cold stop you from doing the things you love!

    Steel Fiber Tech
    Crest Womens Heated Beanie
    Crest Womens Heated Beanie

    Focused Heat

    With heat zones over each ear, with heat focused right where you need it, Crest will keep you warm even in the harshest conditions.

    Crest Womens Heated Beanie

    Control Your Temperature

    Three distinct heat settings: Low, Medium, and High, you are able to customize your experience to match any situation you're in.

    Crest Womens Heated Beanie

    All Day Warmth

    Included is our 3000 milliamp hour Lithium Ion battery that will last you up to 7.5 hours on low, 5.5 on medium, and 3.5 on high.

    Crest Womens Heated Beanie
    • Heating Info


      Steel fiber

      Heat Zones

      2 heat zones. One over each ear.

      Heat Settings

      Low - 113° F, Med - 131° F, High - 140° F

    • Product Features

      • Dual-zone heating - heating elements over each ear
      • 7.5 hour battery life with lightweight, comfortable lithium-ion battery
      • One-touch LED controller with 3 heat settings - low, medium, and high
      • Steel fiber heating technology
    • Battery Info

      Battery Type

      3.7 volt, 3000 mAh Lithium Ion

      Battery Life

      Low - 7.5hrs, Med - 5.5hrs, High - 3.5hrs

    • Product Materials

      Outer Material

      Polyester/Spandex blend

      Inner Material

      100% Acrylic Fibers

    • Weight & Shipping Dimensions


      0.8 lbs (including battery)

      Shipping Dimensions

      15" x 5" x 2"

    • Warranty

      1 Year Limited Warranty