5 Heated Apparel Essentials to Pack When the Mountains are Calling

March 05, 2021 2 min read

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With all of theincredible physical and mental health benefits hiking produces, it’s no wonder so many people hike year-round. While hiking has many awesome benefits, wearing the right hiking clothes is critical to not only how enjoyable your trip is, but how safe it is as well


You see, when muscles lose heat they contract and become tight, increasing your chances of a pinched muscle or another injury. Conversely, if you’ve packed on too many layers and you’re overheating, the sweat your body produces can make you cold. 


With heated hiking clothes you can kiss both of these problems goodbye. We’ve got five heatedwinter clothes essentials you need not only for your next winter hiking excursion but any time you’re working, playing, and adventuring out in the cold.

5 Heated Hiking Clothes You Won’t Want to Leave Home Without

1. Heated Hoodie

Whether you’re hiking for the day or camping overnight,heated hoodies are the perfect middle-of-the-road layer when you don’t need a heated jacket but still require a warm extra layer over your base layer. A heated hoodie gives you the wiggle room you want when hiking uneven terrain and the warmth you need in the changing elevations.


2. Heated Vest

When you want the warmest hiking clothes that deliver the utmost movability, you get aheated vest. Not only can heated vests be worn over and under other hiking clothes, but they also keep your core warm and protected from the elements while allowing your arms to move freely, a luxury many hikers can appreciate when climbing over slippery or uneven terrain.


3. Heated Base Layers

As earlier mentioned, overheating can cause you to sweat, which in turn cools your body down. When it’s cold out, the last thing you want is to have damp, sweaty clothes.Heated base layers are the easiest way to keep your core leg and upper body muscles at the perfect temperature all throughout your hike. Simply adjust the temperature to your desired heat setting (or turn them off altogether) and go!


4. Heated Hat

While you may not necessarily need a hat on your way up the mountain, once you get to the summit you’re bound to experience wind chills you weren’t faced with on your way up. For this reason, aheated hat is a great option for any cold-weather hike to keep your ears toasty warm.


5. Heated Socks

Don’t forget about those feet! After everything they do for you (like getting you up and down that mountain), they deserve a little attention during the trip, too!Heated socks have focused heat zones beneath the toes to keeps your toes and feet ultra-warm while you trudge through the snow, slush, and over frozen ground.

Make the most of all your cold-weather hiking trips with the right hiking clothes and apparel from Gobi Heat®. You’ll love that all of our hiking clothes are machine washable and come with a complimentary one-year warranty for quality heated hiking apparel you can trust. Shop today!


As always, remember to stay safe out there. Outdoor activities require great preparation, for tips on how to stay safe check out this article from Money Crashers about outdoor safety.