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Essential Camping Gear

Must Have All-Season Camping Gear

Gobi Heat® men’s and women’s camping gear are the versatile layers you need for chilly nights, dewy mornings, and during winter weather at the campsite, hiking, or while you’re out exploring your temporary home away from home. Pack smart while packing light with double-duty layers ready to keep you cozy on command.

Vests, Jackets, Base Layers & More

With a touch of a button, you can quickly and easily turn Gobi Heat® apparel into your ideal cold weather camping gear for when the weather takes a turn. Early morning hike? Move freely up the trail in the Dune heated vest. Power up or down as you trek and pack this lightweight layer into your hiking bag when the sun comes up. Drizzly mornings call for the highly versatile, wind and water-resistant Sahara heated shell. Basecamp heated base layers are a must-have premier cold weather camping gear for any hiking trip. These comfortable layers will have you feeling snug as a bug when the sun goes down and the chill sets in.

When camping in unpredictable environments, it’s important your camping gear can meet the challenge. Heated glove liners and socks are the ideal camping companions for you to take the chill out of your bones while you’re gathering firewood, pitching your tent or trekking through windy, rainy, or snowy conditions.

Whether you’re on a mission to explore all nature has to offer or plan on tending to the campsite all weekend, Gobi Heat® camping gear is built to keep you warm, dry and comfortable so you can enjoy every minute of your time outdoors. All of Gobi Heat® camping gear and heated apparel is machine washable and comes with a one year warranty. Power up and get ready to explore with industry-leading, battery-powered heated apparel to keep you going in any climate.