Heated Jackets

 Heated Jackets FAQs

How long do heated jackets last?

While this answer depends on the individual usage of each jacket we stand behind each and all of our products at Gobi Heat. The warranty on your heated winter jacket covers any defect from material and workmanship for 1 year. Proper care of the jacket shell and battery will make your heated jacket last for years to come. The battery in each jacket is limited by its chemistry, as are all batteries, to roughly 500 charge/discharge cycles depending on frequency of use. So while your heated jacket may need a new battery in a few years with proper care you will be enjoying it's electric warmth for many winters!

How do heated jackets work?

We cover this in depth on our "How Does Heated Clothing Work Anyway?" blog but here's the TL;DR. We use a conductive thread that carries current in the same manner as wires but without the bulk. These flexible circuits are sewn together without compromising the aesthetic and comfort of the heated winter jacket. The conductive thread is connected to the conveniently located battery which provided up to 10 hours of heat at three output settings.

Can you wash a heated jacket? 

Yes. Gobi Heat® heated winter jackets are easy to machine wash! To wash your heated jacket, simply follow these directions:

  1. Remove the battery from the heated jacket.
  2. Place connector cable back into the designated battery pocket.
  3. Zip the battery pocket closed.dd
  4. Wash on gentle washing and drying cycles.

How to turn on a heated jacket? 

To turn on your heated jacket, simply hold the power button down for 3-5 seconds. The power button will display 1 orange bar at first (low), Pressing the button will let you adjust the heat level to 1 bar (low), 2 bars (medium) or 3 bars (high). To turn off, simply hold the power button down for 3-5 seconds. The location of our quick on/off power system makes it simple to adjust heat settings without having to remove your gloves.

How to charge a heated jacket?

To charge your heated winter jacket, simply follow these directions:

  1. Insert the charger’s connector into the battery power cable port.
  2. Plug the charger into the wall outlet.
  3. The charger’s red light will come on indicating the battery is being charged.
  4. After charging is complete, the charger light will turn to green.
  5. Disconnect your charger and place your battery back into your jacket.