Heated Motorcycle Gear

Enjoy motorcycle rides year long without sacrificing comfort

Owning a motorcycle shouldn’t have to be a seasonal activity. Many bike owners struggle to find time to ride their motorcycle in the winter months with unbearable temperatures and wind chill. Gobi Heat’s collection for motorcycle owners solves this issue. Our industry-leading heated motorcycle gear and motorcycle gloves make sure you can enjoy your bike all year long.

Heated motorcycle jackets provide you with comfortable and pinpointed heating for up to 9 hours -- more than enough for any ride. With three separate heating zones, you are sure to get heat delivered to the areas you need to stay warm. All our jackets are made with wind and water-resistant materials so you can enjoy your motorcycle in any temperature or condition.

Whipping through fall or winter winds on your bike is sure to give you cold and aching fingers. A pair of Gobi Heat’s heated motorcycle gloves are the solution you need. Our wind and water-resistant heated gloves and liners are meant for high speed activities. The steel fiber heating elements wrap up around each fingertip delivering heat for six hours of blissfully warm hands.

Check out our full collection of heated riding gear for men and women and be sure to find a jacket, vest, or accessory that will keep you warm this winter!