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5 Ways Winter Sports Athletes Benefit From Heated Apparel

June 11, 2020

5 Ways Winter Sports Athletes Benefit From Heated Apparel

With all the fun winter sports can bring, the weather can bring just as much misery. For athletes, staying warm is more than just a luxury; it manipulates how well they perform and prevents them from injury, making them the perfect candidates for heated apparel. Here are five ways winter sports athletes can benefit from wearing heated apparel during any cold-weather activity.

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5 Benefits Of Heated Apparel for Winter Sports Athletes 

Reduce Bulk

Athletes in any sport rely on their freedom of movement for peak performance. Winter sports athletes are also tasked with keeping their muscles warm in cold conditions to prevent unnecessary injuries. Rather than adding on bulky layers, heated clothing can provide instant heat athletes will appreciate when outside for both short and long periods of time.

Layer Smart

Layering has always been one of the main solutions for how to stay warm in cold weather. Unfortunately, too many layers can cause winter sport athletes to quickly overheat. Recruiting the help of heated apparel like the Gobi Heat® men's heated jacket means athletes can layer smarter with a wind and water-resistant jacket capable of delivering instant heat at any moment. With the assurance of instant heat at your fingertips, all that’s left to think about is victory.

Instantly Adjust to Variable Temperatures

Since too many layers can cause athletes to overheat, heated apparel gives winter sports athletes the unique opportunity to warm up without the need for extra layers. Having the ability to apply a rise or drop in temperature with a touch of a button provides stable warmth and helps prevent injuries like pulled muscles, an injury The Ithacan says athletes can suffer from when performing in cold weather.

Reduces Chance of Frostbite

20°F can feel very different depending on whether it’s balmy, humid or dry. If not properly dressed for the conditions athletes could find themselves at a higher risk of getting frostbite, which typically occurs in areas of less blood flow like the ears, hands, nose, and feet. Heated socks are an easy and efficient way to combat cold toes on any given day and prevent the possibility of frostbite.

Improve Dexterity

Bitterly cold weather makes it harder for muscles to contract, causing stiffness and slowing reaction times. Adding heated gloves to an athlete's cold-weather gear offers a unique advantage to deliver instant heat to their hands and fingers, increasing blood flow and improving dexterity and reaction times during cold weather events.

Adding heated apparel to your cold-weather clothing arsenal will keep you warm, dry, and ready to go no matter how cold it gets. Improve what you can do in the great outdoors with Gobi Heat® heated apparel.

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