Heated Gloves vs Heated Hand Warmers

January 20, 2021

Heated Gloves vs Heated Hand Warmers

Anyone who works or plays outside in cold weather knows not to leave home without cold weather gear, including a reliable heating source for your hands. After all, extremities like hands and feet are more likely to get cold faster than other parts of our body, and trying to function with frozen fingers is a job in and of itself. This leads us to the all important question: when spending time outdoors, is it worth it to invest in electric hand warmer gloves, or should you try to get by with heated hand warmers?

Answering this question largely depends on you and your lifestyle. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of both heated gloves and hand warmers so you can decide the option that benefits you the most.

Pros & Cons of Electric Hand Warmer Gloves vs Hand Warmers

Electric Hand Warmer Gloves

Pros: Electric hand warmer gloves (heated gloves) are a reusable and rechargeable hand warming option to deliver hours of heat to your hands. Gobi Heat® heated gloves, for instance, deliver up to 140°F of heat at three easy on/off heat settings for personalized warmth, maintaining a minimum 113°F of heat for six hours on a full battery. One lithium ion battery can be recharged anywhere from 300 to 500 times, able to be replaced with a brand new battery for years of use.

Heated gloves are designed with a water-resistant nylon to keep hands protected from the elements, while a steel fiber heating technology runs up and around each fingertip for even heat distribution. They are also machine washable and come with warranties. 

Heated gloves are ideal for individuals who spend a great deal of time outside, or for individuals suffering from arthritis who need a reliable hand warming product. Electric heated gloves also come in a variety of styles to more appropriately match the needs of the wearer, from sports to construction.

Cons: Heated gloves come with a higher upfront price tag than disposable hand warmers. They need to be recharged once the battery runs out, or have a new charged battery put in for extended use over six hours.

Heated Hand Warmers

Pros: Disposable heated hand warmers are a quick, cheap and easy way to warm your hands. The heat in disposable hand warmers is activated by an exothermic reaction involving oxygen, salt, water, activated charcoal and vermiculite to create roughly 100°F of heat for (usually) a few hours. Heated hand warmers can sit in your pocket, fit in your glove or simply be held in your hand, and are ideal for short and infrequent stints outside in the cold. On average, you can get a ten pack of hand warmers for about $14.

Cons: Disposable heated hand warmers do not evenly distribute heat throughout the fingertips and cannot be reused once the active ingredients inside the package are activated. Hand warmers must also be held in order to keep your hands warm, limiting the use of your hands.

Key Takeaways

While heated gloves cost more upfront, their rechargeable lithium ion batteries lead to cost savings by reducing the cost per use when compared to disposable hand warmers. Heated hand warmers are a quick heating option in a pinch, but must be thrown away after one use, making them less eco-friendly than reusable heated gloves. While heated gloves deliver heat over the entire hand, glove warmers provide heat in one central location, leaving fingers more vulnerable to the cold.

Between their efficient lithium ion batteries and the ability to replace batteries, heated gloves will last longer and deliver more consistent heat to the hands. When working in the cold, heated hand warmers must be either held, left in pockets, or rest in gloves, whereas heated gloves provide a “hands-free” heating source, giving you more use of your hands while keeping warm. Lastly, heated gloves come in a variety of different styles for more specific uses in the cold. All in all, heated gloves are a better investment for individuals spending a great deal of time outside in the cold.

From ultra-warm heated gloves to men and women’s heated clothing, Gobi Heat® has everything you need to stay warm in harsh conditions and variable climates. Shop our large selection of industry leading heated apparel today and discover the difference Gobi Heat® can make in the way you work and play in the cold.   

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