Heated Jackets 101: Everything You Need to Know about Heated Jackets

November 02, 2021 3 min read

Heated Jackets 101: Everything You Need to Know about Heated Jackets

So you love to be outside in the colder weather; skiing, hunting, hiking, snowshoeing, or ice fishing. Somehow, despite putting on layer after layer, you are still cold and have trouble concentrating on the things you love. Battery-powered heated jackets could solve your fight with Jack Frost and allow you to stay outside longer and more comfortably!

If you’ve explored heated jackets before, or are new to the concept, you likely have many questions running through your head. At Gobi Heat we want to provide you with the best-heated jacket experience in the industry. Learn how our heated jackets work efficiently, are industry-leading, and are a superior product to a regular down jacket. 


How Do Heated Jackets Work?

Heated jackets work very similarly to heated blankets. During production, most heated jackets are lined with carbon fiber heated wires in specific zones. At Gobi, we line our jackets with a more durable conductive threading, built to last longer through the wash and daily use... The conductive thread also has a higher heat conversion rate than typical copper wiring found in most heated jackets on the market. A battery pack powers these conductive threads in specific heat zones that keep you warm for up to 10 hours depending on your jacket’s model and heat settings!

Are Heated Jackets Safe?

Yes, heated jackets are very safe and actually provide a lot of great health benefits. The batteries in our jackets have multiple safety measures to keep the user protected. We use a 7.4V battery that provides the right amount of power to our heated jackets without overheating. Our products also come with a one-year warranty on all heated clothing items, giving our customers peace of mind that their purchase is covered.

Are there any Health Benefits to Wearing a Heated Jacket?

Being cold does not directly make you sick, but with your body using energy to stay warm, your immune system can be impacted negatively. With a heated jacket, your body won’t have to use resources on heating you up, and it can keep your immune system strong at fighting off infections. Heat improves blood flow to the muscles, decreasing the risk of injury. There are several benefits of wearing heated jackets for athletes, including increased flexibility, increased range of motion, decreased sensitivity, and decreased recovery time.

Are Heated Jackets Warmer than Down Jackets?

Down jackets trap your body temperature inside the jacket and use your body temperature to keep you warm, so if you are already cold, it will be difficult for your body to heat back up quickly. Meanwhile, Gobi heated jackets allow you to control your temperature. Our heated jackets will keep you warm no matter what mother nature throws your way, and you won't need to layer up to spend hours outside.

How Warm do Heated Jackets Get?

Once again, that depends on the jacket and the manufacturer's choice of materials. For the most part, heated jackets on a low heat setting will reach up to 122°F; on a medium setting, your coat should be around 133°F; on high, it will get as warm as 144°F. The best part about owning a heated jacket is that you can control your temperature. If you get too hot, all you have to do is turn the jacket down or even off; if you are too cold, turn up the heat!


Are Heated Jackets Bulky and Heavy?

No! Heated Jackets weigh about the same as any standard winter jacket or parka. The batteries that power the coils are lightweight and compact, fitting in a pocket, making them virtually unnoticeable.

Are Heated Jackets Machine Washable?

Yes, they are, but not all heated clothing is made the same. Make sure to check the washing instructions that come with your heated jacket. Our instructions for washing Gobi Heated Jackets are as follows:


1). Remove the battery from your heated hoodieheated base layer, or heated vest.


2). Place connector cable back into the battery pocket.


3). Zip the battery pocket closed.


4). Wash the battery-heated clothing on gentle washing and drying cycles.

Are Heated Jackets Worth It?

If you are someone who loves spending time outdoors, whether it be hunting, mountain activities, or enjoying a winter day, heated jackets are worth the buy! Never become too cold to enjoy what you love doing again. You have full freedom of your jacket’s temperature and will be able to stay warm without worrying about carrying extra layers around all day! Check out Gobi Heat’s manystyles of heated jackets and find the one best suited for your needs.