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Soccer Parent Must Haves

Soccer Parent Must Haves - Gobi Heat

Spring is on the horizon, which means youth sports will also be ramping up. I played lacrosse when I was growing up, and my parents would come to every game. If you know anything about Colorado, the weather can change instantly; one day, it can be 60 degrees, and the next, it can be snowing and 10 degrees. As a parent, you never know what to expect when watching your kids' sporting events. Here's a little list to help you be prepared for whatever mother nature throws at you while watching from the sidelines. 


A Good Pair of Boots.

While your young ones may be wearing cleats on the field, you'll want to keep your feet as warm as possible. Soccer parents know all too well how cold and soggy the fields can get sometimes. It's always safe to wear some weatherproof shoes. That way, if the inclement weather does, you are prepared!


Gobi Heated Socks 

Cold hands and toes are the worst, especially when you have to stand and watch someone else run around. Let me introduce you to the tread heated socks by Gobi Heat. With focused heat zones beneath the toes that allow heat to rise throughout your boot or shoe, your feet will always be toasty warm in these socks. If you get too hot wearing them, all you have to do is use the remote to turn the socks off!


Extra Gear

No matter what sport your child plays, it is always safe to have a few backups ready. Whether it's extra soccer balls, cleats, shorts, or jerseys, you can almost guarantee your kid will forget some piece of equipment at least once.

A Place to Sit

Most youth sports bring your chair events. If there is seating, it is usually a wet or cold metal stand that is incredibly uncomfortable. Your chair needs to be lightweight, portable, and, most importantly, comfortable. 

Check out the Terrain Heated Camping Chair. Coming in at 12 lbs, the easily foldable but sturdy chair comes with a lithium-polymer battery that you can plug into your chair to keep your back and behind warm all season long. The battery itself can last up to nine hours on one charge and is equipped with an output USB port, so if your phone dies taking pictures, you can simply plug it into your chair. After trying it, you won't go to another game without one!


Rain or shine, the show must go on. Luckily an umbrella works for both. Sitting through a rainy game in the fall or a blistering hot one in the summer can be very unenjoyable. The cover an umbrella provides is perfect for rain or shine. If you want something to block the rays and rain, you can look into a canopy umbrella or tent! 

A Jacket

Even if you keep it in your car to be safe, a jacket is a good idea to bring to any outdoor event. No matter where you live, there are days when the weather can be unpredictable top say the least. Ensure you are prepared for all temperatures, rain, shine, or snow, with a Gobi Heated Jacket. Just the chair, all Gobi Jackets are battery-powered and last up to nine hours on one charge. With a wide variety of fashionable styles and sizes up to 3XL, you are sure to find a great-looking, warm jacket to keep your eyes on the game and not on the warm car! 


You often have to watch a few games in a row, even for the most experienced parent; these days can be long and exhausting. It is always a good idea to pack a few snacks for not only yourself but your kiddos as well! Make sure you bring enough, though!

Entertainment for the Siblings

If you have multiple kids, you may take the younger one(s) to the games with you. Kids usually aren't super thrilled about having to watch a sibling play sports, so it might be helpful to bring along a tablet or some games to keep the younger ones occupied.

A Heated Blanket

You might have read this and thought, "How am I going to bring a heated blanket to a soccer field?" you'd be right to think that, too, as most heated blankets need an outlet to work. However, the Gobi Heat Zen blanket does not. The Zen blanket is perfect for gamedays, equipped with a 12 volt, 20,000 mAh lithium polymer battery; it will last up to six hours on one charge. Lightweight and portable, coming in at exactly 3.75 lbs. you'll have no problem taking this blanket anywhere and everywhere. The Zen is a must-have for all youth sports parents for those extra cold days!

Other Essentials

Here are a few smaller must-haves that need no explanation. Just think of it as a friendly reminder. Don't forget to bring sunscreen, bug spray, paper towels, an ice pack, wipes, a first aid kit, grocery bags for trash, and finally, a cooler for yourself so that you can enjoy your favorite game day beverage!