The Best Heated Apparel For People Who Are Always Cold

July 29, 2020

The Best Heated Apparel For People Who Are Always Cold

Feeling like you’re always cold can really put a damper on your productivity, health, and daily life. Luckily, we live in the prime of the technological age, and with it came industry-leading heated clothing from Gobi Heat®. With our heated clothing, you can kiss your constant chill goodbye forever.

Gobi Heat - Heated Hoodie

Heated Apparel For People Who Are Always Cold 

Gobi Heat® has heated apparel to keep you warm any time of day, any time of year, indoors or out.

Heated Apparel For Indoors

Looking for a great transition piece that packs the heat without the bulk? Look no further than the Dune, the best heated vest to take with you anywhere you go. Wear your heated vest with or without the heating elements engaged to keep your core warm. Simply press the button located on the left chest to activate up to 140°F of near-instant heat to keep you cozy around the house, visiting with a friend or in the overly-air conditioned office.

Those who suffer from medical conditions like Raynaud's disease know all too well how the cold affects fingers and toes. Heated socks make a great cold-weather companion you can wear virtually anytime. Simply activate your heated socks with a small remote control for wireless temperature change on command. Focused heat zones between the toes allow heat to rise throughout your footwear, warming your entire foot.   

Heated Apparel for Outdoors

Gobi Heat® was founded by Jaye Genung, a woman fed up with that “always cold” feeling. After trying other heated apparel that didn’t fit the bill, she decided enough was enough and set out to create her own winter wear for women. Today, Gobi Heat® has fused fashion and function into heated apparel for women who do it all. 

Womens Heated Clothes Gobi Heat



Where function meets fashion. Harness the heat and enjoy the outdoors.

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With the right cold-weather gear you can enjoy all nature has to offer with those who matter most. Gobi Heat® has some of the warmest winter jackets on the market today in styles that fit all wants and needs. Need warmer winter camo gear to get through a day out in the woods? We’ve got you covered. Does the thought of winter construction work send a shiver up your spine? Our wind and water-resistant heated work clothes will keep you cozy on the job site all winter long.

Gobi Heat® heated apparel was designed to give men and women everywhere the freedom to live their lives without the burden of being cold putting a damper on things. Our winter heating accessories allow you to keep the heat going anytime, anyplace with extra chargers, battery packs, and remotes for all heated apparel items.

Whether you’re new to the world of heated apparel or looking for something better, Gobi Heat® has what you need to harness the heat of the desert and live life to the fullest, regardless of the temperature.


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