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This Is The Heated Jacket Your Mom Didn’t Know She Needed

May 07, 2020

This Is The Heated Jacket Your Mom Didn’t Know She Needed

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and amidst the chaos of COVID-19 it’s hard to keep track of what day it is, nevermind remember what holiday is just around the corner (hint: it’s Mother's day!).

Luckily for you, Gobi Heat® has the perfect gifts for mom no matter what she’s into. From hockey moms to hiking moms and every mom in between, we have the unique Mother’s Day gifts she’ll never expect, but wish she had from the get-go.

Gobi Heat Womens Heated Jacket - Victoria Purple - Best Gift for Mom

The Outdoors-Mom

You know her, you love her. This is the mom that’s out and about no matter the weather. Early morning hikes, afternoon horse rides, and hitting the slopes are her cup of tea. A little cold, rainy weather isn’t enough to stop this busy body. But wouldn’t it be nice if she had the option to turn up the heat on those days where it was just a little bit too cold? 

For outdoor gifts for mom, we recommend the Sahara Women’s Heated Jacket. She’ll feel the love in a wind and water-resistant, machine-washable jacket with 3 heat settings and up to 10 hours of rechargeable heat. Two heating zones in the front and one large zone in the back of up to 140°F of heat will keep her going on all of the adventures to come in warm comfort.

This lightweight heated jacket is the perfect layer for variable temperatures and weather changes throughout the day and into the night. Gobi Heat® has the gifts for active moms that will put you at the top of the “favorite child” list.

The Hockey Mom

This busy mama doesn’t slow down. She’s on the go from sunrise to sundown, getting the kids from school to practice, attending PTO meetings, and making 24 cupcakes for tomorrow, never stopping to think about her own needs.

How great would it be to shower her with perfect gifts for active moms, like Gobi Heat® heated clothing. Wouldn’t you feel good knowing she’s wrapped up in the warmth of a heated jacket or vest at the hockey rink and the chilly fall soccer game under the lights? She’ll always be ready to cheer on the kids in comfort when she has winter accessories she can use all year long like extra battery packs or battery car charger for her favorite on-the-go pieces. 

The Mom That’s Always Cold

She’s always freezing, even in the house! Maybe she has arthritis issues which, when mixed with the cold, can really stop her in her tracks. Give the gift of warmth for newfound freedom of all-day comfort no matter the temperature. 

From heated base layers, gloves, socks, jacket, and hats, Gobi Heat® has the women’s heated clothing without all the bulky layering the chilly little lady in your life needs to harness the heat of the desert and be ready for anything! Whether she wants to hang out in the house, be outside watching the grandkids play on a snowy day, and for every moment in between, she won’t give the cold a second thought.


Harness The Heat Of The Desert

In the days before she perfected heated apparel, Gobi Heat® founder Jaye Genung shied away from outdoor winter activities, sacrificing important family time because of the dreaded winter weather. After trying other heated apparel brands, she noticed they were all lacking in design and performance. Through the use of lightweight, unobtrusive designs and continual technological evolution, Gobi Heat® is a leader in heated apparel.

Gobi Heat® is inspired by the ever-changing temperature of the Gobi Desert located in Central Asia. With temperature ranges from 122ºF in the summer to as low as -27ºF in the winter, the Gobi reminds us to be ready for anything. Much like its namesake, Gobi Heat® strives for ongoing growth and evolution.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your wife, mother, or grandmother, Gobi Heat® has the unique Mother’s Day gifts and gifts for active moms she’ll never expect but fall in love with instantly. Whether she likes to camp, hunt, snowboard, cheer from the stands or be cozy at home, now she can do it in quality heated apparel designed to harness the heat of the desert.

See how our customers are rocking their Gobi Heat® heated apparel on Facebook and Instagram @gobiheat for inspiration on what to get the lady in your life this mother’s day!

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