Ways to be a Super [Warm] Fan at any Outdoor Sporting Event

December 07, 2020 2 min read

Gobi Heated Clothes for Game Day

Whether you are cheering on your granddaughter at her soccer game, watching your son play baseball, or attending a professional game, you need to stay warm. 


But how do you know what to wear to a soccer game or the best warm football game outfit for cold weather? Check out these 3 tips for how to stay warm at outdoor sporting events this season.

1. Understand the Conditions In Which the Game is Played

Are you going to be sitting outside on cold, aluminum bleachers? Or are you going to be inside an ice hockey arena where the air is between50-60 degrees Fahrenheit? By understanding the conditions in which you will be watching the game, you can determine how to dress to stay warm. 

2. Check the Weather Before You Go

If you fail to prepare, prepare to be cold. Checking the weather before you head to a game is one of the best ways to know how to stay warm at an outdoor sporting event. But don’t just look at the forecast for the current time. Look ahead a few hours. 

The average length of a college football game isthree and a half hours. You’d be surprised how much the weather can change over that amount of time. Your football game outfit should take such changes in weather into consideration. 

3. Dress for Success (and by “success” we mean warmth)

Once you know the gameday conditions, it’s time to decide what to wear to a soccer game or the best football game outfit for the weather. The answer is heated clothing. 

First, you need to chooseheated base layers that are thin enough to layer but designed to trap heat. Whether you choose to add another layer on top of that, such as your favorite team’s jersey, is up to you. 

The one thing you don’t want to forget is yourheated jacket. Not only will a heated jacket keep you warm, but it will also protect you from intense wind chill. Plus, if the weather changes for the better, you can easily take off your top layer and still be plenty warm. Or, consider wearing aheated vest. 

Lastly, for extra warmth from head to toe, wear aheated beanie andheated socks

You no longer need to wonder what to wear to a soccer game or how to stay warm sitting in an ice hockey rink for three to four hours. Now you know how to stay warm at an outdoor sporting event, so you can be a super (warm) fan everywhere you go.


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