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Ways to Be a Super [Warm] Fan at Any Outdoor Sporting Event

Ways to Be a Super [Warm] Fan at Any Outdoor Sporting Event - Gobi Heat

As the cold breeze of fall rolls in, your weekends become filled with long days outside. Whether it’s attending a soccer game or little league game for the kids, playing intramural sports with friends, or attending a college or professional football game, it’s important to know how to stay warm at outdoor sporting events. 

You often don’t know how long you will be exposed to the elements when you go to a game. If you and your friends are tailgating in cold weather, you may need to plan ahead and bring extra cold weather gear with you, just in case.

As you plan, remember that there are many factors that determine what type of clothing you should wear, how much you should wear, and if you need to bring any accessories along with you for the ride. While watching your favorite team win on a cold day may make the weather a little more tolerable, we want to make sure you know how to stay warm at outdoor sporting events, so it’s most enjoyable—no matter what’s in the forecast. 

How to Stay Warm at Outdoor Sporting Events

Here are our tips to help you stay warm at the game. We recommend you: 

Layer Your Clothes Effectively

Usually, when you have a day of sports ahead of you, you may not be back inside your warm home until late at night. Leaving early in the morning to get the best tailgating spot is important for super fans. But the thing to keep in mind when starting your day early is that the weather and temperature is likely to change drastically from the beginning to the end of the day.

When you think about your cold weather game outfits, layering might be the first thing that comes to mind. But while most people understand the need to layer, many don’t know how to do it properly.

Layering is much more than just throwing on every piece of clothing you own. It's an innovative, strategic way to ensure your body heat stays right where it should—with you. 

And the beauty of layering is that it allows you to adjust your own personal thermostat. Too warm? Shed a layer. Are you feeling a chill? Throw on another! It is yours to control, not the weather.

Let's break down the elements of your perfect uniform:

  • Base Layer: Long johns or long underwear are a great starting point. These aren’t just comfy PJs; they’re the first article of clothing you can use to retain your body heat. Since this is important, consider using  base layers from wicking materials like synthetic fibers or wool. The materials move moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry and maintaining your body's temperature. Remember, dampness is the enemy of keeping warm in cold weather; it draws heat away from your body, so wicking is critical.
  • Insulating Layer: This is where your favorite long sleeve t-shirt or thermal top comes into play. This layer reinforces your base layer, trapping warm air close to your body and maintaining your core temperature. For your lower half, jeans or waterproof pants are excellent over thermal leggings or long underwear.
  • Outer Layer: This is your shield against the elements—wind, rain, or snow. A good  winter coat or  heated parka will provide the necessary protection, but remember, this layer should be wind and water-resistant. You want it to repel the elements, not soak them up.

So there you have it—your ideal uniform. Remember, retaining your body heat while keeping the cold weather out is the goal. It's a balancing act, but with the proper layers, you're all set for game day and beyond.

Recommended Clothing When Layering:

Heated Base Layers
Gobi Heat Heated Base Layer to Help You Stay Warm at Outdoor Sporting Events

This is a great way to ensure your skin is not exposed to any wind chill the morning may bring and keep you warm for up to 8 hours without needing to charge the battery for the heated feature.  If you’ll be at the game for more than 8 hours, you can always come ready with a  backup battery so you don’t have to miss a single pass.

Heated Hoodies or Jackets

 Alt text for image: Ridge Women's Heated Hoodie by Gobi Heat

Pictured:  Ridge Women’s Heated Hoodie by Gobi Heat

Next, layer on a hoodie or jacket. If you opted to go with an unheated base layer, consider a  heated hoodie or jacket to keep you warm and comfortable as you move around and cheer on your team. But even if you do go with our heated base layer (mentioned above) AND the heated hoodie or jacket, you can keep one on at a time. It will feel like your own outdoor heater for sporting events. 

Heated Vests

Dune Men's Heated Vest by Gobi Heat

Pictured:  Dune Men's Heated Vest by Gobi Heat

Wearing a  vest on top of your base layers is a great way to add an extra layer of warmth. Alternatively, you could also substitute the vest with a final thin layer, like your favorite player’s jersey or team gear.


Check the Weather Before Game Day

For an all-day event, checking the weather before game day is a must, so you can be prepared for anything. Fall weather is known to bring some early afternoon, cold showers that you want to be ready to tackle at a moment’s notice. By packing a light rain jacket, or wearing it on top of your layers, you will stay dry all day. Many rain jackets also provide wind-resistant features that allow it to be a suitable option even in drier weather.

A popular stadium choice for anticipated rain is a disposable poncho. These trash-bag-like contraptions fold up nice and snug in your game day bag and can be easily disposed of after they are done keeping you dry during a wet spell.

Fans enjoying a tailgate party with their gobi heat accessories

Although tailgating is most strongly associated with football, it has risen in popularity across the sporting world in recent decades. In fact, tailgating is more popular than ever,  spanning across sports like NCAA basketball, NASCAR, and even hockey

If you are going to a cold-weather tailgate party before your game, wear plenty of layers, as the early morning cold still lingers. Wearing thin, heated base layers below your clothing is a great way to stay warm and comfortable in the morning. Chances are you will be sitting around your tailgate in a parking lot or field for a few hours, listening to music, eating food off the grill, and enjoying the company around you. Depending on the event and venue, you may be able to bring your accessories into the game, as well!

Bring Comfortable Accessories for Before and During the Game

Many stadiums or sporting venues may only feature cold metal seating for you to sit on during the game; some may not even have seating at all. For an all-day event, you will want to be warm and comfortable.

Gobi Heat Collegiate Heated Chair

Pictured:  Gobi Heat Terrain Heated Collegiate Chair

A durable and comfortable camping chair can last you years, and provide you with all-day comfort and rest. In fact, you may even want to consider a  heated chair so you can be ready for anything. 

During a tailgate in the morning, you'll be relaxed as you sit and talk with friends, and, depending on the type of game you attend, you'll have a comfortable seat to enjoy the game.

Gobi Heat Heated Stadium Chair

Pictured:  Heated Stadium Seat by Gobi Heat

We want all of our sports fans to know how to stay warm at a football or soccer game, which is why we created our heated stadium seat.

With our heated stadium seat, you don’t have to worry about those cold bleachers anymore. You can stay warm and cozy throughout the entire game just sitting on your stadium seat(your own personal outdoor heater for sporting events)—plus, it has a backrest!

Heated Blanket

Pictured:  Gobi Heat Zen Heated Blanket

Another accessory many sports fans keep in their game day essentials is a large stadium blanket. Like the stadium chair, this accessory can benefit you before and during the game. On a cold, windy day, a large heated blanket can be your savior. 

For instance, The Gobi Heat Zen Heated Blanket (pictured) comes with a 20,000 mAh power bank and 3 distinct heat settings to suit all your cold weather needs. 

Bringing a few large blankets can help your whole party, too. One of our favorite tricks is laying one blanket across the metal bleacher and then sitting with your friends, wrapped in your other blanket.


Dress for the Occasion: Football, Soccer, and More

The type of outdoor sporting event you attend may ultimately impact the heated gear you bring. After all, different sporting events call for different activities. 


Is there anything better than attending a football game at the beginning of the season? Nothing beats those early September days when the crisp fall air feels perfect all day. 

As the season progresses though, playoff expectations rise and temperatures drop. Eventually, staying warm at a football game doesn’t just happen—you need to plan for it. 

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You can prepare for the freezing winter portion of the season’s schedule with the right gear. From  battery-powered glove liners to  heated stadium chairs for bleachers and  heated blankets, Gobi Heat has you covered. 

All Gobi Heat products feature adjustable heat settings, making them the perfect companions for your football season. They are comfortable in the early months when you just need an extra layer, and they can kick the heat into high gear when the cold weather blows in. And, unlike some bargain brands, all of Gobi Heat's products come with high-quality power banks.


On the opposite side of the schedule, many soccer seasons begin during the dwindling months of winter and persist well throughout the summer. 

Compared to football, soccer necessitates a similar level of clothing versatility across a full season. One important distinction, however, is finding a great portable chair that will serve you for years to come. 

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Plan a Hot-And-Ready Tailgate Menu 

In addition to the right heated apparel to brace a cold weather sporting event, it’s also important to know how to stay warm at a tailgate party by choosing the best food and drink to serve! 

Fall weather is known for its warm apple cider, which is a perfect tailgate drink—it fits the season and will keep you warm in the early morning hours. Other great hot beverages to sip during your tailgate party include coffee and hot chocolate. Avoid the chilled salads and ice cold refreshments for a fall morning tailgate to ensure warmth before the game.

No matter what outdoor sporting event you attend this fall, prepare properly by considering all aspects of the day and what you are doing. If you are only attending the game for a few short hours, you may not need to pack as much to stay warm, but having the heated gear and apparel on hand can be so helpful for a number of outings. Preparing can set you up for success and make a more enjoyable fall day. 

Stay warm, and go team!

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