Ways to Be a Super [Warm] Fan at Any Outdoor Sporting Event

September 12, 2022 4 min read

Close up of white lines on a sports field.

As the cold breeze of fall rolls in, your weekends become filled with long days of outdoor sporting events. Whether it’s little league games, intramural sports with friends, or attending a professional sporting event, it’s important to stay warm during the day since you often don’t know how long you will be exposed to the elements. If you and your friends are tailgating in cold weather, you may need to plan for this assuming it will be a longer day.

There are many factors that decide what type of clothing you should wear, how much you should wear, and if you need to bring any accessories along with you for the ride. While watching your favorite team win on a cold day may make the weather a little more tolerable, we want to make sure that you can stay warm during the game, no matter what. Gobi Heat has plenty of tips for our super fans looking to stay warm before, during and after the game.

How to Stay Warm At an Outdoors Sporting Event

Wear Layers Beneath Your Fan Gear

More often than not, when you have a day of sports ahead of you, you may not be back inside your warm home until late at night. Leaving early in the morning to get the best tailgating spot is important for super fans. The thing to keep in mind when starting your day early, is that the weather and temperature is likely to change drastically from the beginning to the end of the day.

Once you arrive at your event in the morning, the cold air is still lingering near the surface. Make sure you are wearing at least three, easily removable layers, so that you can adjust your outfit accordingly throughout the day. Starting with a heated base layer is a great way to ensure your skin won’t be exposed to any wind chill that the morning may bring. On top of your baselayer you can choose a variety of different hoodies and jackets that will keep you warm and comfortable enough to be moving around as you cheer on your team. Wearing a thinner, sleek jacket on top of your base layers is a great way to ensure you can sport your favorite player’s jersey or team gear as your last layer. After all, you want to show your true fan colors more than anything!

Check the Weather Before Game Day

This may sound simple but for an all day event you will want to make sure you are prepared for anything. Fall weather is known to bring some early afternoon, cold showers that you want to be ready to tackle at a moment’s notice. By packing a light rain jacket, or wearing it on top of your layers, you will stay dry all day. Many rain jackets will also provide wind resistant features that will allow it to be a suitable option even in drier weather.

A popular stadium choice for weather is bringing a disposable poncho. These trash-bag like contraptions fold up nice and snug in your game day bag and can be easily disposed of after they are done keeping you dry during a wet spell.

How to Stay Warm While Tailgating

If you are going to a cold weather tailgate before your game, make sure to wear plenty of layers as the early morning cold still lingers. Wearing thin heated base layers below your clothing is a great way to stay warm and comfortable in the morning. Chances are you will be sitting around your tailgate in a parking lot or field for a few hours, listening to music, eating food off the grill, and enjoying the company around you. Depending on the event and venue, you may be able to bring your accessories into the game as well!

Bring Comfortable Accessories for Before and During the Game

Many stadiums or sporting venues may only feature cold metal seating for you to sit on during the game, some may not even have seating at all. For an all day event you will want to be warm and more importantly, comfortable.

A durable and comfortable stadium chair can last you years and provide you with all day comfort and rest—you may even want to consider a heated chair. During a tailgate in the morning, you’ll be relaxing as you sit and talk with friends. Many outdoor sporting events will allow you to bring your chair onto the sideline as well. This can be much better than any bleacher seating that provides no back support.

Another accessory that many sports fans keep in their game day essentials is a large stadium blanket. Just like the stadium chair, this accessory can benefit you before and during the game. On a cold windy day, a large fleece blanket can be your savior. Bringing a few large blankets can help your whole party too. One of our favorite tricks is laying one blanket across the metal bleacher and then sitting with your friends, wrapped in your other blanket.

Plan a Hot and Ready Tailgate Menu

Knowing how to stay warm at a tailgate can simply come down to knowing the best food and drink to serve! Fall weather is known for bringing warm apple cider into homes. This is a perfect tailgate drink as it fits the season and will keep you warm in the early morning. Other hot beverages to sip on during your tailgate can be coffee or hot chocolate – two all year favorites! Avoid the chilled salads and ice cold refreshments when doing a fall morning tailgate to ensure warmth before the game.

This fall season, no matter what event you are attending, make sure you prepare properly by considering all aspects of the day and what you are doing. If you are only attending the game for a few short hours, you may not need to pack as much to stay warm. Preparing successfully can set you up for success on all these fall days. Stay warm and go team!