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What Helps Arthritis in Hands?

What Helps Arthritis in Hands? - Gobi Heat

Autumn is finally here, and with it comes festive traditions, Friday night football games and of course, chilly weather. Individuals living with arthritis know all too well how quickly the cold can slow them down. So, what helps arthritis in hands and how can you better prepare yourself for the cold weather months ahead?

What Helps Arthritis In Hands?

What helps arthritis in hands will vary from person to person. We’ve compiled a list of the most recommended ways to reduce the pain and swelling you feel when arthritis in the hands decides to join in on your fun.

Anti-Inflammatory Medicines

Anti-inflammatory medicine will help reduce the swelling in your hands, in turn reducing pain. This can range from simple medicines like acetaminophen or ibuprofen or injecting cortisone into the trouble spots to relieve symptoms.

Use Heat/Ice

Switching between heat and ice can help reduce the pain and swelling you feel in your hands from arthritis. For instance, some individuals with arthritis find that using heat therapy to warm up their joints before exercise, followed by cold therapy after exercise helps keep inflammation and swelling down.

Hand Exercises

Gently exercising the joints on a daily basis will help maintain full range of motion in your hands and reduce stiffness you feel. If you feel pain during certain exercises, discontinue and consult your doctor about the best treatment options for you.

Dress For the Weather

Now you might be wondering, what helps arthritis in hands that I can use in a moment's notice? Easy! Having the right cold weather gear on standby will certainly help warm you up quickly. Heated clothing gives you the option to set the temperature you need in order to endure the chilly weather and curb the effects of arthritis. For individuals living with arthritis in the hands, heated gloves are a highly recommended addition to your daily routine during the cold weather months.

Don’t Push It

You know your body better than anyone else, so listen to it! While there might be things you want to do or don’t want to miss out on, pushing your muscles and joints too hard can make arthritis in your hands worse. Ask for help if lifting, pushing or pulling heavy objects become too strenuous.

No matter what the weather has in store for you, be prepared for it with industry leading apparel from Gobi Heat®.