What To Pack For A Road Trip

June 05, 2020

What To Pack For A Road Trip

Road Trips are deeply rooted in American culture. From countless songs about Route 66 to John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High, road trips are a traditional American bucket list item for many. Whether you’re hitting the open road for fun or the big move, there are a few key items you’re going to want to make sure you have on hand to stay safe and comfortable. Let’s dive into what you should pack for your next road trip!

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What to Wear On a Road Trip

What to wear on a road trip doesn’t have to be a complicated question. No matter what direction you’re headed it’s important you’re ready for anything, especially the changing weather; after all, even the desert gets cold at night!

Travel prepared for any change in the weather with water and wind-resistant heated clothing. A heated hoodie is a great transition piece for early morning departures to late-night exploring in new places. Turn your heated hoodie on any time the temperature drops for instant warmth when you need it. A light and packable heated vest is another great option for convenient warmth at any point in your journey, allowing you to move freely while staying comfortable in changing climates. Gobi Heat® heated apparel is designed to be the 2-in-1 option traveling souls need if they want light, breathable clothing at mile 4 and a warm layer at mile 500.

What to Take On a Road Trip

There are countless answers to the question of what to take on a road trip. Really, much of what you bring depends on where you’re going. For starters, be sure you have plenty of water, a paper map, and some toilet paper (because, well, you never know). Here are some less commonly considered items you’ll also want to be sure you’re packin’ for your next trip:

License & Registration, Car Manual, Insurance Policy & Contact Information

Don’t leave home without them! You should always have a copy of your car insurance with you in case of an accident.

Spare Tire & Emergency Roadside Kit

The theme here is emergency preparedness. You’ll be glad you packed a spare when your tire blows in the middle of nowhere with poor cell service. Pack an emergency kit that comes with things like battery cables, a reflective vest, whistles, light sticks, and warning tools in case you breakdown or get lost.

Heated Clothing & Blankets

Whether you’re planning to sleep along at rest stops or find yourself in variable temperatures while exploring or your car breaks down, heated clothing and blankets can help keep you warm and comfortable.


Don’t get caught without cash or spare change for tolls and parking meters!

See how our customers are rocking their Gobi Heat® heated apparel on the open road on Facebook and Instagram @gobiheat. 

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