Heated Ski and Snowboard Jackets & Gear

Heated Snowboarding Gear

Keep warm run after run with heated snowboarding jackets and clothing from Gobi Heat. Our snowboarding and skiing gear are equipped with conductive thread heating elements that are designed to deliver customizable levels of heat to where you need it most. The heated snowboarding jackets and gear are battery operated and last up to 10 hours, enough for a full day on the slopes.

Our snowboarding and skiing collection is ideal for people that want to keep warm all day without the bulk of wearing multiple heavy layers. Layering our heated ski vest or jacket above a long sleeve or thermal is a great way to stay warm while feeling unrestricted.

Cozy up as you freestyle down the mountain in the Shift heated jacket. With up to nine hours of battery life and three heat settings to choose from, the Shift jacket will be your go-to winter jacket for any occasion. This wind and water-resistant snowboarding jacket features five heating zones of up to 140° F of heat, armpit zippers for controlled ventilation, built-in snow gaiters for extra protection from unwanted snow, and plenty of pockets for safe storage of personal belongings.

Use Heated Skiing Gloves & Socks to Keep Warm

Don’t suffer from aching cold hands and fingers when coming down the mountain, and try out Gobi Heat®’s wind and water-resistant heated gloves for skiing and socks. Like the heated snowboarding jackets, our gloves and socks provide customizable levels of warmth that keep you comfortable all day. The steel fiber heating elements wrap up around each fingertip or beneath the toes delivering heat for six hours of blissfully warm hands.

All of Gobi Heat® snowboarding gear is machine washable and comes with a one year warranty. Be sure to pack winter accessories like extra battery packs for your snowboarding gear for extended days or weekend trips to the mountainside and gear up in snowboarding clothing designed to keep you warm no matter the temperature outside.