INCLUDES Batteries + Charger

30 Day Return

30 Day Return

1 Year  Warranty

1 Year Warranty

Free Exchange

Free Exchange

Tread Heated Socks


Heat Settings:

Battery Life:

113° F

131° F

140° F




Additional/Replacement Sock battery 2-pack

Add a Pair of Extra Batteries


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30 Day Return

30 Day Return

1 Year  Warranty

1 Year Warranty

Free Exchange

Free Exchange

INCLUDES Battery + Charger

Tread Heated Socks


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Tread Heated Socks

Is there really enough heat to keep me warm?

If you’ve never worn heated clothing before, it can be hard to imagine how it actually feels.

So instead of just telling you the temperature, we asked our customers to describe that Gobi Heat feeling.

“Warm, comfortable and cozy in all the right places!”

“Like I’m wearing a heated blanket”

“A warm cuddle within a coat”

“Keeps me warm without making me too hot, even when I'm on walks”

Product Description

Unlike other heated socks our 100% cotton pair provides 12 hours of warmth in just seconds! Simply activate the heating thread, located under each toe section, the included remote control! Allowing you to adjust between the 3 heat settings without bending down or adjusting outerwear. Our battery heated socks come with a 1 year warranty and are machine washable. Don’t let Mother Nature give you cold feet this winter!

    Steel Thread Tech
    Tread Heated Socks
    Tread Heated Socks

    Heat Where You Need It

    Get the maximum amount of comfort with heat beneath the toes that rises up through the rest of your boot.

    Tread Heated Socks

    3 Heat Settings

    Built to adapt to your environment, with low, medium and high heat settings you can adjust your heat to match whatever the weather throws your way.

    Tread Heated Socks

    Remote controlled settings

    No need to take off your boot with the included keychain remote control that allows you to change heat settings or turn on and off your socks.

    Tread Heated Socks
    • Heating Info


      Steel fiber

      Heat Area

      1 zone beneath the toes

      Heat Settings

      Low - 113° F, Med - 131° F, High - 140° F

    • Product Features

      • 1 year limited warranty
      • Steel fiber technology
      • Remote control included
      • Fabric ventilated design
      • Battery sits above boot level
    • Battery Info

      Battery Type

      5 volt, 2400 mAh Lithium Polymer

      Battery Life

      Low - 12hrs, Med - 6hrs, High - 4hrs

    • Product Materials


      100% Cotton

    • Weight & Shipping Dimensions


      1.1 lbs (including battery)

      Shipping Dimensions

      15" x 5" x 2"

    • Warranty

      1 Year Limited Warranty