Men's Jackets and Hoodies

The Gobi Heat® Difference

At Gobi Heat®, elevating your cold-weather experiences is at the forefront of our business. We’ve made it our mission to harness the heat of the desert and kick all of your cold-weather activities up a notch. With the latest in heated technology we’ve designed adaptable, functional winter jackets for men to get the most enjoyment out of the great outdoors no matter how low the thermostat drops. We’ve reinvented hoodies, vests and heated jackets men can comfortably work and play in without feeling the weight and discomfort of a bulky battery or obstructive materials.

The Best Winter Jackets For Men

Gobi Heat® delivers warmth as you’ve never worn before. Built for everyday wear, industry-leading heated vests, hoodies, and winter jackets for men will keep you warm, dry, and cozy as you go from a brisk morning job site to a chilly evening cheering from the sidelines. Gobi Heat® has the high-visibility work jackets to stand out and Mossy Oak® Break Up Camo pattern to blend in. Transform the way you play, work, and hunt in the cold with the best hoodies, vests, and jackets. Now, you can harness the heat of the desert for hours on end. With one touch of an LED button on your garment's left breast and enjoy instant warmth of up to 140°F in 3-5 zones through conductive heating elements. Multiple zippered pockets make it easy to carry your wallet, phone, and keys. A small yet powerful rechargeable battery fits right into a pocket so discreet you’ll forget it’s there. Simply unplug and charge up your battery when not in use so you’re always ready to power up for the outdoors. Road trips, hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, exploring, or playing outside with the kids have never been more enjoyable as they are now. Gobi Heat® is proud to deliver the heated jackets men rely on to get through the day no matter what tricks the weather has up its sleeve.